_ [debian] 続x10・RC bug squashing

#601996 で file overwrite の対処として Conflicts を使ったけど、他のバグ #601980 #601991 #601993 の対処を見ると、Replaces と Breaks を使っている。ということで Debian Policy Manual を再確認。

Normally, Breaks should be used instead of Conflicts since Conflicts imposes a stronger restriction on the ordering of package installation or upgrade and can make it more difficult for the package manager to find a correct solution to an upgrade or installation problem. Breaks should be used

ref. 7.4 Conflicting binary packages - Conflicts

ということでパッケージ間のファイル移動には Conflicts を使うべきではなく Breaks を使うべき、とのこと。 なお、

Many of the cases where Breaks should be used were previously handled with Conflicts because Breaks did not yet exist. Many Conflicts fields should now be Breaks. See Conflicting binary packages - Conflicts, Section 7.4 for more information about the differences.

ref. 7.3 Packages which break other packages - Breaks


_ [comp] DPMS

xset s off
xset -dpms

してるのに何故かモニタが省電力になる。いろいろ調べてみると、Xorg.0.log に

(==) NVIDIA(0): DPMS enabled


Section "Device"
        Identifier      "Configured Video Device"
        Driver          "nvidia"
        Option          "DPMS"  "off"

明示的に DPMS off を追加。